Symposium Supplementary Material

Actually enjoying the symposium; I didn't really think I would. It's a little hard to get through in places, but enjoyable. Plato seems have defined love as we know it today. Very cool...

Here are a couple of websites I looked at:

more on the symposium to come

Baby M

Ok so here is the basic story of baby M that I found:

Mary Beth Whitehead was the genetic (surrogate) mother. She was artificially inseminated with the sperm of the father, William Stern. This was my question about the situation: So the egg of the baby in question in fact belonged to Mary Beth Whitehead. I thought that that might have made a difference. When the baby was born, Whitehead claimed she wanted the baby back, threatening suicide. She then left the state with the baby. A court analyzed the best interest of the baby and returned her to the Sterns as per the surrogacy agreement. Another New Jersey supreme court tried to overthrow the surrogacy contract, but in the end, the surrogacy contract held and the baby stayed with the Sterns.

The Past Possessing my Present

I recently had an argument with my sister that seems to be relevant:

I got a pair of comfy slippers as one of my Christmas presents this year, but they are a little bit too big for me. A couple of weeks ago, my sister (who has bigger feet than I do) went back home to Billings to visit my parents. My mom called me and told me that she wanted to get my sister a pair of the same slippers, but she would buy her a pair in my size and when she gets back to Bozeman, she will take my too-big slippers and I will take the smaller size. When my sister returned to Bozeman a few days later, she came over to make the slipper-swap. She tried on my too-big slippers and said that those were too big for her as well, and refused to take them. After a very slight fit on her part, she then told me I cannot have the pair in my size; she will be keeping those. She left my house with the smaller slippers, then apparently had a moment of guilt (After all, those slippers were meant for ME) and attempted to return the smaller slippers to me. At this point I replied with something along the lines of, "No. You pitched a fit over these slippers, so you have to keep them. You can't just change your mind." 

A riveting story I know, but there was a definite parallel between this conversation between me and my sister and the opening scene of Antigone between Antigone and Ismene.

Here is a statue of Zeus and Demeter. Placed next to the iconic Grant Wood painting American Gothic, it bears a striking resemblance. Indeed, our past possesses our present.



Simpsons American Gothic