As I begin to draft my conclusion for this class, I find myself with that familiar pressure in my chest that always makes me feel, "I just need some more time!" Do I need more time to continue my blog? Well, yes, being the chronic procrastinator I am, I could use more time for my blog. I mean, it may have taken me two semesters with Dr. Sexson, but I am finally liking this e-journal thing. What a way to force myself to expand my fleeting thoughts. But as I continue to feel that I need more time, I realize that it's not my blog I want more time with, it's this class. It's classical literature. I could spend days, years wrapped up in Ovid's Metamorphoses and still want more. This is the first semester that I have dreaded the end, mostly because I have dreaded the end of some of the great classes I have taken (classical foundations is at the top of that list) and the depth with which we studied the classics.

One fellow student told me towards the beginning of the semester that he didn't know how all of these things we were doing would fit together. All I could say to him was, "Oh, you will." From experience with Dr. Sexson's classes, things will always hit me on the head that connect back to his classes. For example, after taking his lit. crit. class last semester, every piece of literature that for some reason just grabs me, I now know is a touchstone. That beauty that resonates and stays with me as a result of literature allows me to feel "almost a remembrance" (oh, looky there, anamnesis. Imagine that, these classes intersecting! joking).

Now as I walk away from Classical Foundations, I will know that nothing is original, and I will always have heard that story before. I will never look at everyday tragedies with thinking about Euripides and Hecuba. Forever, unrequited love will always bring back visions of Echo. I am circumstantially bound in knowing that the Past Possesses the Present. This is the end, but I know it will never really be the end. I have only begun remembering.

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