Hip hip, Hooray!

Why, you ask?
Well, I FINALLY finished The Golden Ass. Yes, the last day blogs are due, how convenient, right? But I did finish. The thing that had me thinking was something we really didn't discuss much in class. That is the significance of the rose.

Why did Lucius have to eat a rose to transform back into a human? Roses tend to symbolize vitality, love, passion, friendship, etc. I think that Lucius needed to find a rose because, on that journey to find a rose, he would find virtues like those similar to the rose. He definitely found passion in many forms, including jealousy. He found love in the form of the Cupid and Psyche story. In order to transform back into a human, he needed to embark on a journey and find things to make himself, well, less of an ass. I really wish I had more time to explore this. Maybe i should have had the book finished when Dr. Sexson TOLD me to. What a novel idea, Erica.

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