I am quite possibly the worst Classical Foundations student ever lately. :( I have been slammed with about, oh, everything life could throw at me, so as a result, I have just started The Golden Ass. I right past the part when he gets hustled for some fish in the second chapter. I already think it's great. Some parts are so funny. For example, Lucius goes to the house of Milo after learning how horribly mean and miserly he is. Milo is a very gracious and inviting host. He says things like, "I'm grateful to Demeas for giving me an opportunity to meet so fine a young man as yourself." He also sends his own wife away from the dinner table so Lucius can dine with him After he welcomes Lucius and offers him a bath and a room, Lucius says, "I saw at once how extraordinarily mean Milo was, but decided to humour him" (21). Silly Apuleius.

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